About Us


Jill’s House Intergenerational Preschool is a full time preschool program for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. In addition to our play based/project based curriculum, our students will spend 30-45 minutes participating in programing with the residents in our residential living community. The benefits to both young and old involved are priceless!

Our Mission

At Jill’s House Intergenerational Preschool, we feel that our future has so much to learn from our past, and our past can find comfort in watching our future grow and flourish.  We want to rekindle creativity, awe, and wonder in the Jill’s House Memory Care residents, that only being with children can do.  We strive to bring generations together to foster tolerance, acceptance, empathy and a love for learning.  Our program is the first of its kind in Bloomington, and we hope to give our community the opportunity to learn and grow through intergenerational, interpersonal, quality relationships.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to share in a learning experience that is collaborative yet individualized to meet their needs. Children should have the opportunity to have ownership in their learning through exploration and play. Our choice curriculum is a play based, project based curriculum. In this environment we believe that is the role of the teachers to listen carefully and observe children to best facilitate their education.  We wish to create a safe atmosphere to allow our students and teachers to work in an environment organic to their own curiosities, where all ideas are acknowledged and heard.

Our Curriculum

We believe that the children are the center of our curriculum. While focusing on the Foundations of Indiana Frame work for Early Learning, we learn and grow through a Reggio Emilia inspired program. Our focus is on project based and service learning projects.  The curriculum is mostly emergent from the interests of our student body.  Through our experiences with the residents of Jill’s House Memory Care, each other and serving the world around us, our curriculum takes shape.

Admission Requirements

At this time we are enrolling students 6 weeks to 5 years old for our program.  We now offer four age specific classes; infants – one year olds, two and three year olds, and three to five year olds.

Kelsie Thomas director left and Alissa Chapman assistant director right