Our program is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach. We believe the environment is the third teacher, and that children can be entrusted with their own learning. We value play as a fundamental right of the child. Through intentional classroom set-up, open-ended materials, and structured activities based on children’s interests, children can use their natural language of play to satisfy their curious nature. Teachers set up the environment with natural, open-ended materials for the children to freely explore. We prioritize connection with nature and utilize outdoor space as the second classroom.

Our curriculum follows the Indiana Early Learning Foundations. These include English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social-Emotional Learning, Approaches to Play and Learning, Science, Social Studies, Creative Arts, and Physical Health and Growth. Our teachers implement child-led, play-based learning into lesson plans by observing the children; their play, interactions with each other, interactions with caregivers, and interactions with the environment. These observations become the framework of planned learning opportunities teachers use to expand on each child’s interests.

Exploration is key to our approach. We promote process art by setting out materials for children to freely explore. Visiting our program, you will find babies crawling through paint, toddlers dumping glitter on the floor, and preschoolers splashing mud in their hair. These sensory, tactile activities allow children to engage all five senses for a stimulating learning experience.